In search of Marble? Let's Discuss Turkish

Did you know that Turkey is situated in one of the world’s oldest regions for producing marble? Natural stone has been quarried there for the previous 4,000 years. Turkey has one of the greatest natural stone reserves in the world, with over 80 different varieties and 400 distinct colors and patterns. Also, the stone extracted from these quarries is of the highest caliber.

Turkish marble might not be as well-known as Italian marble, but there are some incredible Turkish marble options you’ll want to look into if you’re searching for a stunning quality marble product at a better price.

Turkish marble has been used for statues and monuments throughout history, just like Italian marble. From ancient times, Turkey has mostly exported natural stone, and there is still a large supply now. Here is a look at some of Jory Marble Granite Quartz, Inc.’s favorite Turkish marbles.