We understand how crucial it is to plan a new granite or quartz project flawlessly, we are providing you with the most effective, fast, and hands-on experience possible.

We will help you choose the perfect stone from our large variety, which includes unique, exotic slabs and exquisite pieces for smaller applications. Ensure your project is completed on time and within your budget.

At Jory Marble, we provide top-notch materials. We always provide the best materials, such as kitchen cabinets, quartz and granite countertops, and more.

In our Granite countertops in Frankfort, IL, we have skilled kitchen designers to assist you in designing the gorgeous kitchen of your dreams.

We will collaborate to ensure your ideal bathroom or kitchen is just how you see it.

Granite Countertops:

We provide a luxurious appearance that can enhance any area. Our staff members are all extremely skilled and trained to satisfy the industry’s high standards.

We provide our customers the best value in unique granite and quartz by combining quality and service responsiveness.

 Granite and Quartz Cabinets:

These stone varieties are ideal substitutes for marble, particularly if you wish to maintain a minimalist look without compromising maintenance or durability.

We have multiple colors for quartz and granite Cabinets like:

Admira Province:

Admira Province is a wonderfully amazing stone that reflects the sky while crossing snow-covered mountains and clear lakes. It goes well with many cabinet colors and accessories and is a popular choice for kitchens that are farmhouse, classic, or modern.


With white and gold particles, Alaska is the newest trend in granite countertops and cabinetry. It gives kitchens a glamorous touch and looks especially striking when polished.

 Lusida Black:

Lusida Black is a solid and long-lasting natural stone that may be utilized for walls, kitchen countertops, and other applications.

It is also quite effective on bathroom vanities. It may be used with other kitchen counters to create a solid design.

Feel free to contact us and discuss your new home with us at remarkable prices and be a part of our wonderful products.